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Straight & Narrow Ethos & Values

Straight & Narrow offers quality 0% alcohol products at great value for money. We champion consumers and give back through our charity partnerships.

We are here to change the market and offer delicious 0% alcohol alternatives for when you want to go out but not drink. We are encouraging you to drink and drive with Straight & Narrow. Free from alcohol but full of fun!


"Whether you are sober curious or completely on the Straight & Narrow, it's about making small lifestyle changes to suit you. Our motto is to feel good on the inside and out!"

Jason, Founder and Director of Straight & Narrow

Hi, I'm Jason...

I'm the Founder & Director of Straight & Narrow and I came up with the concept of Straight & Narrow during lockdown as my alcohol consumption increased during this time, like many others.

Our motto is to feel good inside, and out whilst giving back to charity - we achieve this by using vegan ingredients, all our drinks are low in calories and sugar whilst offering the popular recognisable flavours we all love.

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    Amazing tasting 0% non alcoholic spirits from Gon and Tonic to Lemoncello and Spritzo. We have a flavour everyone will love.

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